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Technological Resources

Spar Aerospace's development of the CANADARM established Canada as a world class leader in the development of space robotics technology. Canadian research into genetics established Canada as a world class leader in bio-science technology. Our brief history, 150 in 2017, is full of technological break-throughs by Canadian scientists and laymen in widely diverse fields of human ingenuity.

It is this quest for understanding and knowledge that drives our society and culture into each new era of human progress and development. Canadians must be encouraged and equipped to persue the creation, development and exploitation of new technologies.

In an industrious world, it will be our technological resources that sustain and improve our international competitiveness. Without innovation, we will not keep pace with the rest of the world and our security could become threatened.

Canadians can not afford to beome complacent and rely upon the largess of global corporations to fund technological research for the benefit of our country. We must have our own vision for the future and a plan to get there. This is part of the CFP's "VISION FOR A NEW CANADA."

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