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Human Resources

Few Canadians would disagree with the statement that "Canada's most important resource, people, is shockingly wasted, under developed and deprived of the other resources they need to build this nation to its' potential."

Across Canada, for many years people have been complaining that our foods lack nutrition, our education systems are flawed and too costly, jobs are unfulfilling, careers are too short, financial stress is widespread, incomes are taxed away, health care is inefficient, pensions lead to poverty and governments only take care of their own. What a sad state of affairs for one of the richest countries in the world!

The CFP will ensure we have a plan for the mix of skills and expertise Canada needs to develop our country into the future. The world is on the verge of a great leap forward in standard of living and Canadians are well placed to benefit from global development.

A cultural characteristic of Canadians has been our ability to adapt to new opportunities and new careers throughout our working lives. Recent trends towards specialization of jobs could impair the on-going flexibility and adaptability of our workforce. The CFP believes that Canadians should be equipped to adapt to many career opportunities, and thus create a country that can adapt to changes in the global economic environment. Canadians should thrive on change and move away from stagnation, limitation and insecurity.

The CFP recognizes the importance of our human resources and the potential for their development during the next three or four generations. This is a part of the CFP's "VISION FOR A NEW CANADA."


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