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Looking around the world, justice is often assigned a "political or cultural" spin to serve the desires of those holding power over others. In Canada, where equality is a bedrock of our culture, justice is an extremely important priviledge and right.

In fact, fairness is how we meaure our effectiveness in providing justice. If our courts consistently provide fairness in our judgments over our citizens, then we will have justice in our nation.

Unfortunately, the evolution of our legal sytems and processes, has frequently failed to guarantee or produce justice and fairness in many instances. Victims of crime often remain victims for many years.

Following our remedial punishment policies and institutionalized environments for criminal activities, criminal behaviours are often intensified, rather than eliminated.

The CFP believes that most serious criminal behaviour stems from the early formation of anti-social values and beliefs. These often originate in the abscence of positive parenting skills and practices. Other creators include anti-social cultural phenomina such as gang mentalities.

The CFP will initiate youth parenting programmes that reveal the causes of social and anti-social behavioural development patterns of children. Also, re-socializing of criminals will become a major field of study and enrollment in our prison systems.

Justice and Fairness can cover a great deal of territory within a modern society. Summarized below are some of the CFP's Constitutional principles relating to these important concepts.

Crime & Punishment

5.1.1 We believe in crime prevention, prosecution, incarceration, rehabilitation and restitution for victims of crime. Canada's criminal justice system should be rooted in and responsive to the communities it serves in order for it to be respected for the role it plays within society.

Human Rights

5.1.4 We believe in close cooperation among democratic societies through global and regional organisations within the framework of international law. We believe that respect for human rights, and the rights of national and ethnic minorities, will lead to sustainable economic development worldwide and will produce a necessary foundation for a more peaceful world.

Constitutional Liberty
5.1.5 We believe that the state is only the instrument of the citizens it serves; that any action of the state must respect the principles of democratic accountability; that constitutional liberty is based upon the principles of separation of powers; that justice requires that in all criminal prosecution the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, and to a fair verdict free from any political influence; that state control of the economy and private monopolies both threaten political liberty; that rights and duties go together, and that every citizen has a moral responsibility to others in society; and that a peaceful world can only be built upon respect for these principles and upon cooperation among democratic societies.

Freedom of Conscience

5.1.6 We believe in freedom of conscience and religion, and the right of Canadians to advocate, without fear of intimidation or suppression, public policies that reflect their most deeply held values. In addition, we recognize that these freedoms may be temporarily limited or constrained by government in situations that threaten national security or advocate behaviours that contravene the values or laws of the country.

Minority Interests

5.1.7 We believe that the interest of minorities, and the people of the under-populated regions of Canada, should be safeguarded by constitutional guarantees and parliamentary institutions that effectively balance representation by population with regional representation.


5.1.12 We believe in the elimination of discrimination and exploitation on the grounds of class, race, sex, sexuality, religion, political affiliation, national origin, citizenship, age, disability, regional location, economic or household status.

Rights and Freedoms

5.1.13 We believe in the recognition and protection of fundamental political and civil rights, including freedom of expression, the press, assembly, association, conscience and religion; the right to privacy; the protection of the individual from oppression by the state.

Social Justice

5.1.19 We believe in Social Justice: the key to social justice is the equitable distribution of social and natural resources, both locally and globally, to meet basic human needs unconditionally, to ensure that all citizens have full opportunities for personal and social development, and there is no social justice without environmental justice, and no environmental justice without social justice. In conclusion we believe in social justice and equality for individuals, the family and all social units, and the elimination of exploitation in the home.

First Nations People: Land

5.1.23 We recognize the prior ownership of Canadian land by the First Nations Peoples; recognition of their special and essential relationship with the land as the basis of their culture; and a commitment to the return of established traditional lands to the ownership of First Nations Peoples.


Canada's outstanding judiciary system is a valuable foundation of our heritage and culture, past, present and future. The CFP is committed to protecting the principles of justice and fairness through the judiciary.

Similarly, government public service organizations and institutions reflect the level of justice and fairness in society through their programmes and administrations. The CFP is committed to promoting principles of social justice and fairness in their programmes and mandates to serve our society.

The CFP recognizes that the First Nations People and the Province of Quebec have the established right to govern themselves somewhat independantly in some areas of governance granted to them by the Crown and previous governments and thus have a status of nation within nation in Canada.

Going forward, the nation of Canada will respect these rights and priviledges granted to these peoples, whilst designing and developing new directions for the whole country.

For the most part, Canada has earned a global reputation for the highest standards of justice and fairness. Yet we have many examples where we have failed to provide justice and fairness for our citizens. The CFP will be diligent in our pursuit of higher standards.

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