Canadian Federalist Party
Constitution Articles
1. CFP Body Constituted 8. CFP Constituency Associations 15. CFP Amendments
2. CFP Constitution Scope 9. CFP Candidates 16. CFP Legal Framework
3. CFP Basis of Unity of Spirit 10. CFP Leadership 17. CFP Offices
4. CFP Purpose & Mission 11. CFP Interim Leadership 18. CFP National Policies
5. CFP Party Principles 12. CFP Leadership Elections 19. CFP Notices
6. CFP Accountability 13. CFP National Convention 20. CFP Provincial Parties
7. CFP Composition 14. CFP National Executive Council 21. CFP Dissolution or Mergers

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Anyone considering joining us in our grand endeavour may enjoy reading Articles 3, 4, 5.


CFP- Canadian Federalist Party members believe in a National Canadian Spirit that aims to serve each other and our country under God's direction. We support noble, moderate, centrist values and intentions of Free-Enterprise, Democracy and Socialism, (FEDS). Our economic aim is to facilitate a bell curve distribution of newly created wealth into families. Our social goal is to stimulate our nations' productivity and development through an increasing inter-cultural harmonization. The CFP Constitution's twenty-one Articles outline the framework, parameters and criteria members agree to respect and uphold throughout our service to all Canadians.