Canadian Federalist Party
Primary Aims

We believe every Canadian has a right to share in the resource wealth of this nation. We believe that it is in all our interests to provide the best possible education, health care, environment and business opportunities. We believe in protecting fair competition in our markets and integrity in our government. We believe that Canadians must accept responsibilities towards each other in order to access rights and privileges.
In order to progress towards these noble ideals, the CFP has adopted a wide range of strategic policy initiatives. The following are some highlights of a few of these strategies:


The following is a list of some of the unique policy directions that the CFP will pursue in Canada:

  1. Federal authority over natural resource development.
  2. Federal authority over educational standards.
  3. Free University education for Canadian youth born in Canada.
  4. E-Health Care systems development.
  5. Transfer of Taxation from incomes to consumption.
  6. Accumulation of family wealth.
  7. Support of small enterprise initiatives.
  8. Price guidelines over key sectors: foods, transportation, communications.
  9. Development strategies and programmes for Canada’s: Human Resources, Physical Resources, Technological Resources, Information Resources and Financial Resources.
  10. Integrity and Accountability for government and elected officials.
  11. Environmental Recovery and Protection strategies and programmes.
  12. Canadian Economic and Cultural Autonomy strategies and programmes.
  13. Arctic Sovereignty.
  14. Defence of Freedom and Human Rights strategies and programmes.
  15. Family Heritage strategies and programmes.
  16. Space Exploration and Development strategies and programmes.
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