Canadian Federalist Party
Primary Aims
We believe every Canadian has a right to share in the resource wealth of this nation. We believe that it is in all our interests to provide the best possible education, health care, environment and business opportunities. We believe in protecting fair competition in our markets and integrity in our government. We believe that Canadians must accept responsibilities towards each other in order to access rights and privileges. discussion papers >>
Cultural Sovereignty
Canada’s cultural heritage is the heritage of its’ peoples. Thus, long before we established this country, there were cultural groups living within our boundaries whose descendants form a part of our cultural mosaic. Similarly, long before we became a country, there were peoples living in many cultures all over the world who would eventually settle in Canada.discussion papers >>
Economic Sovereignty
Coincident with the 21st century’s commencement of the collapse of the leveraged infra-structure of the U.S. corporate financial hegemony, and the global independent banking system, it has become quite clear that independent economic sovereignty is a worthy goal and national imperative for Canada. discussion papers >>
The synergy from Canada’s five unique resources: physical resources, human resources, technological resources, informational resources and financial resources, drive our destiny and form the environment in which we live and pursue our heritage for generations to come. discussion papers >>
Faith/Religion Values
The CFP recognizes that people have a right to their personal faiths and beliefs. Some founding members of the CFP have personally chosen to have faith and belief in a loving God as the supreme creator, authority and power. Thus, in governance of this nation, the founders seek to understand and abide by God’s morals, ethics, human and spiritual values. discussion papers >>
Our constituted Federal/ Provincial government structure has survived through great compromises and more such compromises will be necessary if we are to survive this century. It is this quest for moderation that binds us together in our diversity. discussion papers >>
Global Role
The CFP will institute a foreign policy that is proactive and visionary. The role of this policy is to promote cooperation and extend these values to the world. This comes from caring about the well-being of people in our own and in other countries, recognizing that all nations exist interdependently in one global "society," and, therefore, wanting to cooperate with other nations to solve problems like hunger, disease, oppression of women and exploitation of children, and political strife. discussion papers >>
Justice & Fairness
Canada's outstanding judiciary system is a valuable foundation of our heritage and culture, past, present and future. The CFP is committed to protecting the principles of justice and fairness through the judiciary. discussion papers >>
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