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Canada’s Five Resources?
Every organization from a family to a nation has five resources to manage: Human, Physical, Technological, Informational and Financial Resources. They are deployed in functional operating systems that can create more resources or alter the mix of resources available for further development. The CFP strongly believes that strategic management of these five resources is the key to Canada’s future.

What are Human Resources?

Canada’s roughly 35 million individuals are each unique and at various stages of development and participation in society. They represent a core resource the nation can squander or develop to their full potential as individual members and contributors to society. Read the discussion papers >>

What are Physical Resources?

Canada’s massive physical resources include all things we have made and use tangible things from our seas, lands, wildlife and environment to most infrastructure, equipment, housing, internet, communications equipment, hardware, software, supplies, etc.. As stewards of these physical resources during our lifetimes, we will be judged by future generations. Read the discussion papers >>

What are Technological Resources?

Canada’s technological resources give us a primary advantage in the global race to create the most advanced society. Our unique innovations, scientific discoveries, patents, copyrights, inventions, etc. comprise our technological resources. Read the discussion papers >>

What are Informational Resources?

Databases, books, media, libraries, reports, manuals, websites, forms, financial statements, legislation, etc. etc. comprise our nation’s informational resources. Read the discussion papers >>

What are Financial Resources?

Cash deposits, gold, stocks, bonds, mortgages, retained earnings, equities, etc. represent the financial resources of the nation and its’ people.
These resources are used to invest in and acquire other resources. Read the discussion papers >>

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