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According to Statistics Canada data, our government (Canadians), have $20 trillion in assets and close to $900 billion in Liabilities with our population of 34 million supported by 17 million workers. This is our "Big Picture".

One key issue this reveals is that every single worker is carrying a debt burden of $53,000 due to poor management of Canada's financial resources. Another issue is that these same workers would posses close to $1.2 million in assets if we truly shared our country equally.

But in fact, the bulk of Canada's assets are controlled by four levels of government and foreign corporations. Canadian families, who do all the work, actually own less than 30% of our national wealth. But, in a global context it is not likley much different anywhere else.

Nevertheless, for the remainder of this century, government policies must be directed towards increasing the share of our national wealth held by Canadian families. The globalization of industries, which will follow the recent surge in oligopolization of internal industries, strongly indicates that Canadians need to immediately battle for our economic and financial sovereignty.

Canada needs strong political leadership to be able to reclaim our financial and economic autonomy in a world of massive sovereign investment funds, (ie. foreign governments buying assets of other nations), and massive global corporations who can sue countries into bankruptcy by means of international trade lawsuits.

The CFP is by no means isolationist, but it does stand for the creation of a strong, diversified and competitive new economic and financial model for Canada. This is part of our "New Vision for Canada."

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