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Physical Resources

Canada's "Physical Resources" include an enormous array of things that exist in nature and things made by people. Individuals, families, organizations and governments all plan the creation, development, exploitation, application and utilization of Canada's "Physical Resources".

Throughout history, Kings owned all the physical resources acquired through their conquest adventures. In fact, even in modern Canada, private ownership of land is merely a priviledge granted to people as at any time the government has the right to take possession of any land they wish. Hopefully, our governments will not exercise their full rights in this matter, but we do expect them to oversee and manage our "Physical Resources" to the advantage of present and future generations of Canadians.

The CFP has developed some policies governments should follow regarding our renewable and non-renewable natural "Physical Resources". These natural resources have been the bedrock of our economy since Confederation, but at this time in our history we must become much better stewards of these essential ingedients of our progress and development as an independant nation.

Canada's vast land mass is one of our most precious resources. Our agricultural needs should be self-sufficient and the surplus used to supply the needs of others. .Also, such physical resources as our transport, communications, energy production and complex infrastructures all need to be managed with vision and goals for our nation's future. These are all part of the CFP's "VISION FOR A NEW CANADA."


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