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Definition: Infrastructure Physical Resources

These Canadain physical resources include all the things we have made or acquired that enable us to carry on our livelihoods. They include, but aren't limited to, our: roads, power plants, communications equipment, public services buildings, equipment and furmishings, computers, military assets and materials, properties, etc.

Excerpts from the CFP Constitution

5.1.15 We believe that the provinces are inherently different, and their jurisdictions should reflect this. We believe devolving more powers to the provinces would weaken our nation. We need fewer provincial barriers, not more. We need more ties that bind us, not fewer.

5.1.18 We believe in Ecological Wisdom: the basis of ecological wisdom is that human beings are part of the natural world and the natural world is finite, therefore unlimited material growth is impossible and ecological sustainability is paramount. We recognize that the use, conservation and enhancement of Canada’s natural resources and environment so that the community’s total quality of life, both now and into the future, is maintained and improved. We also recognize the need to work towards achieving ecologically sustainable development.

5.1.22 We believe that a healthy economy is important, but increasing the size of the gross national product is not in itself a sufficient goal for a civilized nation. We are concerned about the effects of economic growth – what this does to our environment, what kind of living conditions it creates, what is its effects on the countryside, what is its effects on our cities; whether a greater feeling of justice and fairness and self – fulfillment result from this growth, thereby strengthening the social order and improving the quality of national life.


Canada's infrastructure physical resources include almost everything made for the use of the public. Obviously transportation, communications, distribution, energy, engineering, cultural and military assets serve the public. In many ways, these resources are a display or representation of our level of development as a nation. It is the government's responsibility to plan, manage and develop these physical resources in a manner that enables us to improve ourselves and our lifestyles.

During our first 150 years, our physical resources grew at an astonishing rate. But, in recent decades many of these have become obsolete or need renewing. Similarly, technological developments have presented many new opportunities to build new physical resources to meet our somewhat insatiable need for progress.

Due to Canada's geography, and distribution of natural resources, we have experienced a somewhat uneven growth in development of physical resources across our nation. The CFP will attempt to establish a more equitable future development of infrastructure physical resources through the utilization of technolgy to help plan future growth from coast to coast to coast.

(It is worthwhile recognizing that a balanced infrastucture across the country will enable our work force to adapt and be mobile as opportunities arise. The fact is that in the past, governments had no viable plans when mines shut down, or oil prices collapsed, or auto manufacturers closed Canadian operations. The CFP sees Canada's unlimited opportunities and will not hesitate to help Canadians exploit these.)

Infrastructure physical resources enable our country to improve its' rate of development, its' productivity and its' quality of life. The broad vision of the CFP includes the long-term assessment of our needs for these crucial public physical resources.


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