For the purposes of this website, we use the term "agriculture" loosely as we mean to include all farming and food producing activities in our broad scope.

Canada's vast land and sea boundaries promote us to one of the world's most prodigeous food suppliers. Thus, it is extremely important that we develop long term perspectives and strategies in the development of these resources. Similarly, we must ensure we maintain autonomous control and ownership over this important aspect of our national heritage.

With new productivity discoveries in genetics and monocultures, the CFP also recognizes the necessity to maintain a sustainable natural biodiversity. We must act responsibly to ensure short term financial opportunities do not jeopardize our long-term agricultural needs and opportunities.


Definition: Agricultural Physical Resources

These Canadian physical resources include all the lands and waters, livestock, materials, supplies, buildings, facilities, trucks, boats, equipment and furnishings, etc. used in the production, packaging and distribution of food.

Excerpts from the CFP Constitution

5.1.18 We believe in Ecological Wisdom: the basis of ecological wisdom is that human beings are part of the natural world and the natural world is finite, therefore unlimited material growth is impossible and ecological sustainability is paramount. We recognize that the use, conservation and enhancement of Canada’s natural resources and environment so that the community’s total quality of life, both now and into the future, is maintained and improved. We also recognize the need to work towards achieving ecologically sustainable development.

5.1.22 We believe that a healthy economy is important, but increasing the size of the gross national product is not in itself a sufficient goal for a civilized nation. We are concerned about the effects of economic growth – what this does to our environment, what kind of living conditions it creates, what is its effects on the countryside, what is its effects on our cities; whether a greater feeling of justice and fairness and self – fulfillment result from this growth, thereby strengthening the social order and improving the quality of national life.


Canada is blessed with abundant land suitable for agricultural deployment. We recognize our responsibility to utilize this land in a responsible manner to sustain the land's natural productivity and enable Canada to provide its' excess capacity to help serve the needs of less fortunate nations.

The CFP believes that there should be a balance between mass mono-species agricultural allocations and mixed-species allocations within local climate zones. In other words, agricultural diversity should be protected and nurtured within Canada.

In order to protect Canada's agricultural sector from short-term land depletion and environmental pollution processes, long-term sustainabilty research projects will be encouraged. Agricultural scientific research studies will also be an on-going aspect of CFP's agricultural strategies and policies.

The CFP believes that "Agri-business" should not become an oligopolized industry in Canada. Trade practices that jeopardize/reduce competition within the industry would be controlled or prohibited.


Domestic Agriculture is a primary physical resource of our nation. We must manage it so that we ensure it is available to serve the needs of future generations.

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