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Canada's seminal contribution to the Global Genome Project is but one of our examples of creating and sharing important knowledge and expertise with the world community. In fact, even before the Internet's emergence in the 1990's, Canada had constructed one of the best information networks on the planet. Canadians' thirst for information will never be satiated.

Canadians also understand, because of our global and humane perspective, the importance of ensuring a "free Internet," freedom of the press," and 'freedom of access to information." We strongly believe our government must not persue policies that promote the old ways of witholding information and secretiveness that pervaded industry and governments for the past two hundred years.

Open access to information holds great promise for Canadians and all peoples. Canadians should lead the world in developing Internet Education and Learning systems through the development of our informational resources. This is part of the CFP's "NEW VISION FOR CANADA."





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