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Excerpts from the CFP Constitution:

Article 5: Principles of the Party

5.1.2 We believe the family is the foundation of Canada. We affirm the value and dignity of the individual person and the importance of strengthening and protecting the family unit as essential to the well-being of individuals and society. Government and businesses have a responsibility to help parents balance work and family, and parents have a responsibility to support their children and spend the time to raise them to recognize and respect their positive role in society.

5.1.12 We believe in the elimination of discrimination and exploitation on the grounds of class, race, sex, sexuality, religion, political affiliation, national origin, citizenship, age, disability, regional location, economic or household status.

5.1.19 We believe in Social Justice: the key to social justice is the equitable distribution of social and natural resources, both locally and globally, to meet basic human needs unconditionally, to ensure that all citizens have full opportunities for personal and social development, and there is no social justice without environmental justice, and no environmental justice without social justice. In conclusion we believe in social justice and equality for individuals, the family and all social units, and the elimination of exploitation in the home.


The health of a nation's people is primarily influenced by individual choices regarding lifestyles and living conditions, but government intervention, direction or roles and responsibilities can also have a major impact on national health issues.

Canadians have nobly chosen to provide free medical care to its' citizens. However,
the costs and complexities of government controlled medical services has led to widespread dissatisfaction with these services both by the public and the practitioners.

The CFP believes that it is incumbent upon the government to take initiatives in dealing with the many issues affecting the access and delivery of timely, high quality medical services to the public. Also, government should play a pro-active role in enabling our citizens to persue healthy lifestyles.

In addition, it is clear that Health Care within a nation is a much broader area than the provision of quality medical services. Good health is directly connected to individual physical fitness, mental attitudes, healthy diets, healthy immune systems, healthy and reasonably safe environments, etc.

Also, the health care needs of a new-born all along the way to the elderly can vary considerably. Thus, we need to be able to readily adapt to changes within Canada's demographics that will occur over the next century. Similarly, technological innovations and discoveries present numerous opportunities to integrate within our health care institutions.

Consequently, the CFP will develop wide ranging programmes to help improve our existing health care opportunities in Canada.


National Health

Medical Services

Medical Research

Medical Education


Handicapped People
Canadian government Health Care is more than medical care. It includes all the things we can do to optimize the physical and mental health of all our citizens.

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