Canadian Federalist Party

Excerpts from the CFP Constitution

3.1.7 Our belief in the value of community.

3.1.8 Our commitment to equality of opportunity.

3.1.9 An emphasis on responsibility.

3.1.10 Our embrace of multiculturalism and biculturalism as important Canadian values. In a world bled by intolerance, these values make Canada "a light unto the nations." If these are important, then government involvement in their promotion is not a waste, but a virtue.

3.1.13 Canada's identity and vision for the future should be rooted in and inspired by a fresh appreciation of “our land” and the supreme importance to our well-being of exploring, developing, renewing, and conserving our natural resources and physical environment.

5.1.2 We believe the family is the foundation of Canada. We affirm the value and dignity of the individual person and the importance of strengthening and protecting the family unit as essential to the well-being of individuals and society. Government and businesses have a responsibility to help parents balance work and family, and parents have a responsibility to support their children and spend the time to raise them to recognize and respect their positive role in society.

5.1.3 We believe that Canadian citizenship entails responsibilities as well as rights, and we mean not only to call on our citizens to give something back to their communities and their country but also to expand the opportunities for them to do so.


With Canadians representing such a small percentage of the global workforce, the CFP believes that our country should always be able to provide jobs for everyone willing to be employed, regardless of their education or prior training. Re-education and re-training should always be available to help Canadians adapt to new employment opportunities.

The CFP also recognizes that the ability to find gainful employment within Canada and its' communities is greatly influenced by the effective management and influence of our economy by various levels of government legislation, laws and regulations. Both domestic and international market conditions can also influence Canada's rate of development and need for employees.

Creation of Employment Opportunities

The CFP's vision for Canada's future is strongly influenced by the creation of employment opportunities for present and future generations of Canadians.

Private vs. Incorporated Enterprises

Due to the transferance of most personal liabilities to a corporation, their hiring and employment conditions and responsibilities must follow equal opportunity guidlines and regulations. Private unincorporated businesses with attached inherent personal liabilities should have the liberty/ freedom to hire family members or other preferred employees for whatever reasons they see fit.

Investment Capital Formation

The CFP believes that with over 60% of Canadian business owned by foreign interests that previous governments did not effectively promote adequate internal formation of investment capital. Consequently, new strategies and policies will be adopted to influence a stronger participation of domestic enterprises in our future economic expansion, growth and development.

With close to 80% of non-government service employment being small businesses, the CFP will adopt strategies to stimulate further opportunities for this sector of our economy.

Low Cost Labour

In recognition of the natural flow of capital to low wage zones, and the consequent loss of low skill job opportunities within Canada, the CFP will ensure that adequate resources are available for retraining into higher skilled employment sectors. Expansion of high skill level industries will be encouraged within Canada.

Balance Between Private & Public Sectors

The CFP believes that there must be a balance between public sector and private sector levels of employment, job security, working conditions and compensation programmes. An economy dominated by the public sector will eventually diminish national innovation and employment motivation, (the work ethic?), whilst an economy dominated by the private sector will eventually exploit workers and reduce the size of the middle classes. Thus, a job classification system and job inventory database will help forward planning in our economic balance.

Job Conditions and Security

Working conditions and safety should remain a high priority in Canada. Job security should also reflect a reasonable connection to business cycles and not be jeopardized by convenient "short-term" contract strategies used in order to bypass employment regulations or in the public sector to circumvent budgetary constraints.

Adaptability & Mobility

The CFP recognizes the adaptability and mobility of individuals throughout their working careers. Changes in employment or jobs is a natural progression that helps keep organizations responsive to market changes. The CFP will support programmes to help the workforce maintain its' adaptability and mobility.

Collective Bargaining

Although the workplace environment has changed considerably since the widespread formation of unions and federations in the private and public sectors, collective bargaining remains an effective process for resolving many employment disputes.

National and Public Interests

The CFP also recognizes that national and public interests may be seriously and negatively impacted by some employer vs. labour disputes. In situations where the public, or national interests , are deemed to be held "hostage" by these organizations, unions or federations, the government should act quickly and decisively to mediate or arbitrate the opposing parties. The CFP strongly opposes the public's livelihoods being inconvenienced or disrupted by these adversarial disputes.

The CFP believes that the public interest must be regarded as "sacrosanct" as the role of workers at all levels, (labour through owners), whether government or private sector, should avoid any actions that cause extra cost, inconvenience or jeopardize the safety, security, health or welfare of the public. We believe that this principle should be instituted above certain rights and priviledges as it falls within the duties and responsiblities of Canadian citizenship.

Employment is how we undertake and facilitate our livelihood within society. It will change throughout our lives and it is a goal of the CFP that opportunities are readily available to pursue fulfilling employment as long as we are able.

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