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Intellectual Property

Definition: Intellectual Property Resources

These Canadian technological resources include patents, copyrights, trademarks, registered processes or software, etc. that emanate from creative work, which produces a legally protected competitive advantage within an enterprise or field of endeavor.

Excerpts from the CFP Constitution

3.1.3 Pro-Canadian party dedicated to the principle that Canada can best serve its citizens and the world by re-claiming and maintaining its political and economic sovereignty as an independent country. It is opposed to the ascendancy of "corporate rule" and those aspects of unrestricted global investment that promote colonization of the world’s smaller powers.

3.1.8 Our commitment to equality of opportunity.


The CFP recognizes the profound and extraordinary contributions that can be made to a country by the intellectual expression and scientific research of its' citizens. Canadians have often made discoveries that have had worldwide impact.

Thus, it is an important responsibility of government to support and encourage intellectual and scientific break-throughs as well as provide legal protection for technological and/or artistic discoveries.

The CFP will introduce legislation to protect the rights of workers to benefit from their innovations and discoveries and that will prohibit automatic exclusive ownership of such things by employers.

Also, time spent on research and creative projects should be recognized as viable vocations and pursuits and thus earn tax relief for these individuals and/or organizations.

Intellectual property is a technological resource that can help Canada and Canadians compete in world markets. The CFP will encourage development of such resources and ensure the benefits are realized in Canada.

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