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World Theocratic Governments
(A Prophetic Vision)

Christian vs. Muslim Apocalyptic Religious Political Ideologies

At the new Millennium, our earth contains many countries with powerful autocratic“Theocracies”ambitiously spreading their beliefs and ideologies. During this 3rd Century A.D. many people recognize and believe that these “Theocracies” will become intensely involved in increasing their encroachments around the planet. According to the prophesies of Holy Scriptures the outcome to the world could be “Armageddon” within this first 100 years of this 3rd Millennium.

(The Scriptures forewarned our generation that the DEVIL (“Muslim Theocracies?”) will establish a liberty to hunt down Christians, and all non-believers, to persecute and exterminate all of us.  We are undoubtedly moving into a century when the quest for SOULS will count for more than the quests for power and wealth and resources.)

At this time in history, the peoples of the world are finally able to communicate with each other instantly. Software will enable an English speaking person to communicate directly with someone from the hundreds of languages spoken around the world. Fearfully watching and guiding these communications will be the Theocracies.

Whether my reader is a doctrinaire religious person or a secular humanist or a Muslim, the following vision is of utmost importance to our near history. This thread on the Internet is an important outreach to people of noble aims for our futures.BellMosque
Already, the global democracy group AVAAZ, is being threatened for directly communicating with the citizens of Theocratic and Autocratic Totalitarian governments. Their leaderships are knowingly fearful of global communications between the masses. Now that the masses are beginning to understand they can instantly organize themselves, authoritarian regimes are under extreme scrutiny by their citizens. Many Canadians are feeling the nudge of autocratic controls, so our country is not excluded from this spirit of fear felt within government and political circles. The tremendous political power of communications within the masses of humanity will break like a Tsunami around theworld in this century. Governments may not be able to merely play “lip-service” to democracy.

The Awakening

Historically, the Theocracies have held onto their ancient lands around the world fairly well. The Statesmen of these times are well advised to become thoroughly versed in at least the Eschatology of the Theologies they will be encountering. With current misunderstandings becoming fewer and fewer, former vague intentions are now crystal clear, and disagreements on governing beliefs…in a world connected real time, could rapidly ignite into major warfare, both Spiritual and in this world as well.

Those knowledgeable in the Christian and Islam beliefs, mutually of course, will likely have only a brief opportunity to appeal to those from each belief who can recognize that peaceful co-existence will become increasingly difficult. A huge pressure is building up under the light of the majority of Christians and Hebrews quickly coming to the belief that the Biblical End Times are already in the final stages of Biblical Prophetic Scripture.

Throughout the Christian world, pastors are being moved by the Holy Spirit to reveal the meaning of the passages in Revelations throughout the world. An outpouring of comprehension is flooding throughout the Christian world media channels. Specific scriptural sign posts are being passed every day, such as the great Hebrew significance of the Blood Moon Eclipse of September 27, 2015 occurring on the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles. Most are beginning to seriously wonder if the “Messiah” is coming sooner than later. People in the streets of Jerusalem are spontaneously declaring, “The Messiah is coming!” In the 24th chapter of the Book of Mathew, Jesus states unequivocally, “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” The veil over Biblical Prophesies is most certainly being lifted at this time.

An awakening is about to occur.

The implications of this are actually quite favourable for the growth of Godly Values around the world. A GLOBAL AWAKENING is what Christians look forward to. This will be a time of happiness as people learn the TRUTH about CHRIST, GOD and THE HOLY SPIRIT and will consequently search for harmonies in living and sharing in Democratic Societies.

Since the Monetary Implosion of 2008, the number of new converts to Christianity of all ages and cultures has exploded. Millions have been plugging into a spiritual connection with JESUS CHRIST and HIS HOLY SPIRIT. Most have been RE-BORN in their spirits and renewed their mind’s values and beliefs according to scripture. Many are experiencing all sorts of miracles and blessings, often accompanied by remarkable physical healings Their Doctors are amazed and frequently attribute these healings to the work of God. (Such events are predicted in Biblical scriptures for the beginning of the end times.) (Read Bible Prophesies: Daniel Chapter 11+12, Mathew Chapter 24, 1 John chapter 4, Revelations)

Islamist Fears, Deceptions, Misunderstandings

Unfortunately, Islamists believe in their scriptures, just as Canada’s founders believed and respected their Biblical Heritage. Muslims also believe in a Global Theocracy just as the Christians do. Just like the majority of Christians, the majority of Muslims rely upon their religious leaders to inform them about their scripture. However, moderate Muslim leadership is being uprooted and new Muslim adherents are widely accepting the claim that the Christian God is Satan (Devil).

The Christian view is that Satan has complete control over the thoughts and beliefs of Muslims. It is regrettable that human spiritual development is locked into this quagmire. It also begs the question of “How did the Prophets accurately see our present global situation so far in the past?”

Once people began to understand this “WORD” about the future, it would only be a matter of 700 years after Christ, before Satan created his own religion for Islamic humans and set his people against these new spiritual beings filled with the Holy Spirit. God’s enemies are clearly identified throughout the Bible as being “spiritual forces”, so it is important to humanity to develop our spiritual consciousness at this point in our history.

Christians are familiar with all kinds of other “spiritual consciousness” being promulgated around the world and in Canada. I should think that Canada’s 150th anniversary is eminently suitable as the starting point of the rebirth of our Godly “Spiritual Heritage”.

(The CFP is hoping that on July 1, 2017, Christians and Hebrews will connect a prayer chain that girdles the planet. Our prayer is that Canada will rebuild a secular Constitutional foundation that is built upon the noble values and beliefs of our forefathers as a model for all nations wherein cultures will exist in a harmony of humanity.)

Many ISLAMISTS are being indoctrinated to believe that “Christian Crusaders” could rise again against them, as they did near the beginning of the second millennium. History is still being written about the behaviour of the Crusaders, however, since present grievances have existed in human minds for a thousand years, one should naturally and prudently be on one’s guard.  Fortunately, circumstances and beliefs are much different nowadays because CHRISTIANS are not of the same mindsets as the Crusaders. (Of course, Christians have radicalized “believers” too, and everyone should be wary of them.)

From a human rights perspective, Christian Theocracies tend to tolerate and compassionately allow more liberties in their free cultures. It may be difficult to change the beliefs of the majority of these people. But with views of toleration, the “Muslim Theocracies” seek opportunities to seed themselves within formerly Christian societies. When people sharing the opposite theologies and values try to co-exist, they become pawns in this spiritual nightmare and everyone is drawn into this void.

Countless Canadians see these different beliefs “seeds” recently planted within their communities and most feel ignorant and uncertain about the changes these will produce. Our purely secular form of Canadian government may work for cultures with no conflicting religious heritage, but it is powerless to stop a global theocratic culture from taking it over.  This is why Canadians must entrench their heritage values and nationalist agenda at this time in our history. Principles of loyalty, liberty, freedom, tolerance and righteousness must not be compromised to the autocratic fearful dictatorship of extremist theocratic rule. Our positive heritage will model the kind of government the CFP will provide for Canada.


The Islamist is likely aware of the Christian belief in co-existence, wherein we invite Muslims to join our societies, regardless of their sects. Unfortunately, both Muslim and Christian leaderships fear if their peoples are allowed to mix that they will switch sides in the warfare over the souls of humanity.

However, the Internet will play a pivotal role in this giant quest for the BELIEF’s of MAN. Humanity has a chance to “Live and Let Live” through gaining understanding of each other and not fearing one another. Radical theocratic leaders are likely finding some INSTINCTUAL HUMAN opposition when they tell their converted, subjugated or conquered people to kill their Christian enemy.

The Christians may have the power, but modern era Christians have no blanket desire to kill Muslims. In fact the Christian Theocracies want to mingle and let their GOD be reflected in how they behave towards people with other beliefs. The Bible’s Jesus Christ clearly states that loving Christian behaviour, and blessings from God, should be evidence to all peoples who the TRUE GOD actually is. This foundational belief and principle is why Canada opens its doors to such diverse beliefs by our immigrants. We know, that once they truly understand us, they will see the goodness in our values and beliefs. They will come to understand that our humane laws and human rights are noble virtues in a world of sinful natures. In fact, this righteous attitude is common to moderates of both religions.

A main source of difference is the Muslim belief that people can judge each other’s soul according to their laws, whilst the Christian belief is that only God can judge our souls. Christian laws aren’t for judging souls, but for judging social behaviours. This is why capital punishment is abhorrent to the majority of Christians.

Many, many Canadians don’t want Canada to become a Muslim society like those of the Arab or Persian countries. This fear has become seen in many communities as an evil seed in our midst across our country. Most generational Canadians are hoping that their new Muslim neighbours will adopt our values rather than isolate themselves from our cultures. There is widespread concern that Muslims will use our free election principles to bring changes to our Canadian culture that are anathema to the principles we stood for since our founding. Canadians don’t believe we have the Constitutional protection in place to protect and sustain our righteous heritage. They are right in believing this.

Beginning in the 1960’s, Canada has been on a secular humanist quest against religious interference in our political management of our country. This secular movement has easily overcome and surpassed the liberal cultural boundaries espoused by the Christianity of our forefathers. But it is totally unprepared to challenge a global Theocracy.

Canadians are coming to realize that our core values and beliefs must be laid over our individual freedoms and rights. We must earn them by being responsible and respectful to our heritage values and beliefs. Unrestrained “Rights” threaten the nobility of spirit that built our nation in the first place. Canada’s Constitution needs to be updated in order to protect our fundamental culture and heritage. With this in place, Canada can hold onto a New Vision for our future.

Inevitable Conflict?

Another catalyst for conflict is in Islamic Scripture. A warrior’s mindset is repeatedly affirmed in order to build a WORLD CALIPHATE with a human “CALIPHE” ruling the world as GOD’s chief human spokesperson. The AYATOLLAHS are already fighting their internal war (some by proxy) to purify their FAITH into one sect and one leader.

(The world’s diplomats have been continuously engaged in this conflict, but ancient family heritages and current unbalanced wealth distribution in these “middle-classless” societies have set aside theological differences in favour of financial and political power battles. The Inter-Muslim wars may have “religious beliefs” parameters for their loyalties, but the subaltern battles are based upon headcounts and finances.)

From a Christian perspective, it appears that the devil’s armies are so confident they will beat the Christians later that they feel it is more important to defeat other Muslims now who could later contest their control, power and wealth over the world. (The present phase of this spiritual and physical war, Shia vs. Sunni, is certainly of this materialistic context.  Ancient hierarchical tribal mindsets exist today in many nations and cultures. The “Theocrats” likely enjoy this opportunity to exploit tribal conflicts and the cost in lives is merely coincidental in their pretentious larger vision of saving only the souls of a minority of subjugated believers.)

One would hope that this contemporary radical criminal mindset of slaughtering humans is of people following Satan’ who hates mankind rather than Jehovah who loves mankind. Ignorance of other people’s scriptures and beliefs is almost impossible in this first two decades of this century.This stirring and emerging “Awakening” within Muslims is no doubt behind the decisions to increase the theocrats powers to control the minds of their peoples and to increase their ability to do so, sooner than later. The whole Middle East network of Muslim nations is at war with each other, (and other nations are jumping in. God forbid that China becomes even more involved.)The millions of innocent Muslims caught in the middle of this situation stirs the compassion of most Christians.

The Shia theocrats are certainly counting on this “weakness” to cause the western nations to stand-by as Russia escalates its military occupation of Syria and the eventual restoration of the old regime. Biblical prophesies of this event are well understood by the Hebrew and Christian peoples alike.
Even humanists must see the reflection in the mirrors of history as Russians fight religious extremism in mountainous regions. The question is whether Shia wins Syria for the Ayatollahs or a rich Sunni Caliphate emerges.

According to the patterns preceding both world wars, strange alliances have been made years ago and now is a period when those alliances will be tested to their cores.  Due to these windy sand storms to our East, Canada could provide an excellent bridge between Asia and Western Europe. It may be an appropriate time for Canada to test its alliances, especially with America and throughout Europe and Israel. A respectable bowing out of the inter-Muslim wars would be prudent on all kinds of balance sheets. When we are not at PEACE, we are not a PEACEFUL national example to the world.

Us and Them

The fear of the masses on both sides of pleasing God is that although the Christians have a “Middle Ground” of “Live and Let Live”, there is no apparent “Middle Ground” from the Muslim Theocrats.

It is absolutely clear that the theological ideals of the Islamists comfortably integrate with an aristocratic social structure, ala Saudi Arabia and the powerful Gulf States. The size of the monetary and human power, which are the “stakes” in these international battles, is Titanic. I don’t have official estimates but I could estimate almost $100 Trillion in financial resources and almost 2 Billion in Human Resources. Quite possibly a Middle East-wide  Caliphate with world –wide affiliates, would govern 1/6th of the world’s official monetary resources and emerge with 1/6th of the world’s population. Such gigantic stakeholders could become able to exert extra-ordinary power in pursuit of their goal to have one world religious belief.

The subtle difference with Christianity is that Christians should not force anyone into our beliefs, (Even the Catholic Church got that one wrong.) Our failed history of restraining ourselves is a testament to the influence of sin in our lives along with everyone else. We have no reason for pride, and since we are to believe Jesus is in control, we should humbly take no pride in what we help happen. Instead, Jesus gets our gratitude and praise for all good things and the devil for all bad. (Obviously, humans aren’t adept at listening to and following their loving spirits.)

Restraint and tolerance are positive human characteristic of most FAITHS. All Theocracies tend to accumulate extraordinary wealth for the Priestly Class and Business Class (Family Aristocracies) but show up miserly in the CHARITY level for the populace. This is where Autocracy puts fat on the government as most enterprise is channeled through relatively fixed narrow lines throughout wealthy familial society. For example: the Catholic Spaniard Theocracy created a kingdom form of class society and its binding principles that still thrive today.
For all intents and present purposes the past “Great Theocracies” included such ones as: Catholic-  Italy/France and its Colonies/ Spain and its Colonies/ Portugal and its Colonies/ South and Central America; Greek Orthodox-  Eastern Europe/ Russia: Christian Protestant-  USA/ England and its former Colonies/ Western Europe/; Buddhism-  Central Asia and Southeast Asia; Hinduism- India; Sikhism- Indo-Pakistan; Islam- Middle East/ Persia/ Arabia/ Turkey/ Balkans; etc.

Just putting all these Theocratic powers in a paragraph radiates earthquakes in the spiritual realm. The stakes are ultimate when we are talking the type of ETERNAL EXISTENCES we will enter into upon each person’s death. The “MANKING” spirit is closing in on the greatest battle for our human spirits since shortly after we became beings.

Spiritual Prescience

Mankind’s concepts of life after death haven’t changed much since our beginnings. Most of us believe there is a God-filled spiritual world after death. According to the Bible, It would appear that HE who has the keys to HELL may have arrived at the point where too many spirits are being created that are intent upon deteriorating the nobility of who God created in the first place. Simply stated, His Hebraic/ Christian plan is to rescue worthy spirit people and condemn the rest to Spiritual Hell and later Spiritual Extermination.

It is very important for those in power to understand that the Christian God does not want mankind to even think of destroying each other. God clearly declares that Satan wants all our spirits in Hell, just as  Mohammed declared that Allah wants to condemn all our spirits to HELL. GOD reserves this right of judgement HIMSELF. The problem is that when the Islamists were created, Mohammed repeatedly instructed his believers to either convert everyone else on the planet or terminate them. He already knew God’s plan from his study of Hebrew and Christian scriptures, so it was natural to adopt a zealous hatred for people with different concepts of God than he received in the cave.

 (Canada has made a deal worth $3 billions with the Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi sect of Islam to build civilian crowd control military vehicles in Ontario in order to maintain autocratic control over its own people and those conquered. Mammon is effectively influencing the spirits and decisions of Canada’s leaders. Our Christian heritage shakes on its foundations to think we are participating in the corralling of all these misguided souls against us later in our future. One would think that we could put these Canadian workers to more positive work, and deliver much greater benefits to Canada and the world, with other investments.)

Regrettably, there are millions of people living this Muslim vision of humanity. Any meaningful purpose for the human spirit is nullified by such an apocalyptic deception.

Christian morals and ethics are positive for humanity and its survival in a world of peace and understanding. This is why it has been so important to try to create a national governing institute where religious beliefs and secular humanism are allowed to exist within the accommodations of a Christian theology heritage foundation that has carried Canada to the present.

Of course, our country has experienced many occasions of misunderstanding and ignorance of our true heritage values and principles, but this doesn’t mean we can’t try harder to pursue our ideals of love and fellowship with all. We must never let our God given values and principles be seconded to incongruent values and principles in our governing ideals. Canada clearly needs to recognize, clarify and protect our Judeo-Christian and First Nations Heritages in our Constitutional Framework.

Without this solid foundation, our nation will collapse in the “Theocratic Warfare” of this century.
Is it not the time for Canadians all to pray for discernment of fairness, justice and honour in all the ways we govern our incredibly blessed country?

Jim Reid, Founder
Canadian Federalist Party