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Canadians are likely pleased Prime Minister Trudeau included in the throne speach over a dozen important common concerns shared by most Canadians as the Liberal Party's agenda for the next few years. However, most citizens may also feel there is nothing truly new or worth getting excited about. In fact, other than a few Covid related emergency actions, the general impression is that our large government institutions are firmly in self-control and will likely obtain an even larger share of Canadian power and wealth as we go forward.

Short-term, issue based, political motherhoods have been the fodder of Canadian politics for too many generations. Canadians see all political parties dishing out similar sophmoric ideals and platitudes to the point no party appears to be able to truly make a difference in our society.

Yet, every Canadian sees how fast the geo-politics are changing in most other countries as the war between Left and Right ideologies heats up. Revolutions and military face-offs are in the air around the planet. Canadians are extremly concerned about how Canada will proceed, as this addiction for political power, economic control and technological aggression spreads.

Yes, our Canadian five levels of government need to address important problems (issues), but isn't it more important to have a shared long-term Strategic Vision for our Canadian society of over 1000 sub-cultures? Shouldn't we be able to accept common goals and specific objectives for our nation of nations? Shouldn't we clearly understand who we all are and what we want to achieve in this century? Shouldn't we work together to build a country with a revived noble, sharing, caring national character heritage?

Since people arrived on our soil, they have had strong idealistic hopes and even somewhat Utopian visions for their families, tribes and communities. It was these powerful goals which motivated our ancestors to work through all hardships to bring us to today. This alone is the most influential personal individual force for the prospertity of our Canada of this century.

I entreat every Canadian to spend some time reading the commentaries and essays in this website in the hope Canada will create a political agenda, which includes an exciting, positive 100 Year Vision For Canada.

May God continue to bless all Canadians.

Jim Reid Founder: Canadian Federalist Party (Virtual)










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