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DRAFT for Discussion Purposes:
Declaration of Culture
The Constitution Act, 2017
Citation: The Constitution Act, 2017, being Schedule A to the Canada Act 2017 (UK), 2017, c 11




Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:

Declaration of Canadian Spiritual Heritage, Responsibilities and Values


Spiritual Heritage, Responsibilities and Values



National Spiritual Culture




Heritage Traits






Spiritual Traits














Spiritual Declarations









Canadian Motto



 I. The Canadian Declaration of Spiritual Heritage, Responsibilities and Values recognizes the national historical human spiritual culture of Canadians and the human spiritual responsibilities and values in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society under the supremacy of God and the rule of law.


II. The Canadian National Spiritual Culture evolves from the foundational cultures of people residing and dwelling in this nation. Over centuries it is evident that the spiritual culture of Canadians has been held together by common traits of all citizens that are honoured within this Declaration. These Heritage Traits form the backbone of Canadian National Identity shared by all Canadians.

III. Canadian Heritage Traits

10,000 years of Canadian Culture is a sum of the Heritage of Humans living within our country. Our spiritual nature respects that all our forefathers may one day share in our eternal existence. As Canada’s National Culture evolves additional traits, may be recognized by the majority of Canadians, to the following core traits of our National Spirit:


Our Canadian Spiritual Culture values and respects:

  1. Belief in God
  2. Harmony with Nature
  3. Physical and Spiritual Existence
  4. Individual Independence & Freedom
  5. Pursuit of Equality for each Person
  6. Determination, Perseverance and Patience
  7. Artistic Endeavor
  8.  Competitive Spirit
  9. Industrious Spirit
  10. Compassionate Spirit
  11. Generous Spirit
  12. Honesty and Integrity
  13. Responsible Spirit
  14. Family Loyalty
  15. Peaceful Co-Existence
  16. Bilingual Heritage
  17. Democracy
  18. Rule of Law
  19. Diversity of Community Cultures
  20. Religious Diversity
  21. Loyalty to Canada


V. The Canadian Spirit Declaration

  1. Our Canadian Spirit holds sacred the independence granted it by God and pursues individual spiritual freedom in this life.
  2. Our Canadian Spirit seeks to live in harmony with nature.
  3. Our Canadian Spirit is conscious to us as the embodiment of our eternal existence.
  4. Our Canadian Spirit is equal in rights and freedoms within all Canadians.
  5. Our Canadian Spirit is imbued with: loyalty, compassion, determination, perseverance, patience, competitiveness, industriousness, generosity, honesty and integrity.
  6. Our Canadian Spirit pursues peaceful co-existence above all else.
  7. Our Canadian Spirit respects democratic principles of government.
  8. Our Canadian Spirit respects the rule of law in Canada.
  9. Our Canadian Spirit acknowledges that our demonstration of responsibility to our Canadian National Spiritual Culture enables us to exercise our rights and freedoms.
  10. Our Canadian Spirit recognizes Canada’s cultural antecedents.

VI. Canadian Motto

The peoples of Canada hereby add to our National Motto:
“God’s Country from Sea to Sea to Sea”