Canadian Federalist Party

May 15, 2020



There is little doubt in the minds of Canadians that our country will rise up out of this terrible season and create a much better society than we ever imagined. Our national Canadian spirit is stronger than ever. Canadians believe we will have a new chance to restructure and improve every area of past weakness and failure.

During the first three months of isolation, millions of Canadians began to ponder the shameful financial vulnerability of the large majority of our families, businesses and government sectors. We were astonished how the elderly had not been protected from the spread of viral illnesses. We saw the air around us clear up and sharply understood how we must change our industries. We were embarrassed to realize Canada is at the top level of industrial polluters in the whole world. We were shocked how quickly millions of jobs were wiped out.

We even began to understand since WWII, how our reliance on traditional capitalism has been very foolish. It has never addressed the inequitable distribution of wealth across our nation. In fact, most places we looked in our minds, we saw that our institutions had evolved from "to serve and protect" into "self-serve and exploit".

A prevalent message from our national media has been their insatiable quest to raise up heroes, which seems to be the media's primary role. Yet during the pandemic, when I asked the trash collector if his wife thought he was a hero, his reply was "No way!" In most cases these "front line" workers don't feel like, or care to be, heroes. They are Canadians humbly helping Canadians, which is our fundamental identity and role as Canadians.

This begs the question, "Why are most Canadians so humble and dedicated to serving others?" It also begs the question, "Why are some Canadians prideful and self-serving?" Both of these questions are truthfully answered by our heritage of Judeo-Christian faith, hope and love, which included at least 70% of Canadians a few years ago when Statistics Canada was allowed to ask our religious heritage.

The truth is that Canada will recover based upon the spirits of Canadians. If our morals, values and beliefs are noble or the opposite, the new society we build will reflect these inner spirits within each one of us. The new material wealth we create will either spread across society or continue to collect in massive wealth pools controlled by a few people and families. Our environment will either begin to bloom again or it will continue to kill species after species until it consumes us all. Our thousands of cultures will either find harmony or serve only themselves.

This pandemic focused a light on many of our opinions, attitudes and beliefs. We began to see the deceptions hidden from our minds, or at least rejected by our minds until now. The reality is we are at a crossroads. We know the old road is taking us down into the same old self-destructions, which have been the paths of global humanity throughout history.

As a Canadian hockey coach, one thing I have seen over and over again was the response of the players when they enter the third and final period down by several goals. The team either leans on their best player(s) or they choose to help each other. Once we accept our personal responsibility to give our all for the team, victory is usually achieved.

As we approach 22 million workers in 2020, we need to choose a common set of goals for Canada in this century. We need a common vision for our country. Our human resources are formidable, but need to work together in common pursuits.

As we step forward into this unknown era, we must not forget our strengths and weaknesses. As Canadian men and women of noble character, we can be prone to accept diverse ethics and ignoble values preferred by others who would control and eventually dominate us.

Our warriors of old fought against physical oppression to provide us with the opportunities to create a better society in Canada. Today, we must seek not our physical, carnal strength, but our spiritual strengths and press forward against the spiritual powers driving our enemies.

This spirit battle goes on within our own minds, so we must begin to take control of our own spirits before we can hope to battle against the spirits of our enemies. Unless we begin to learn this, we will only be able to re-create what we had before.

As most of us realize, Canada's Judeo-Christian heritage included abundant blessings. God has not abandoned us nor left us alone to battle the spirits of this world fighting to dominate our thoughts and feelings. We not only have our own spiritual power to battle the thoughts and feelings within us, but we can also ask God to help us fight against our own temptations, cravings, addictions and evil carnal motives.

The truth for Canadians is that it will be our spiritual nobility and strengths, which will deliver us from this bondage over our lives and families and country. If we choose to seek our spiritual awakening, we will be blessed in this century of global spiritual awakening.

May God bless us and our nation of nations.

Jim Reid Founder: Canadian Federalist Party (Virtual)

P.S. This website includes dozens of essays outlining strategic goals and plans for Canada in this century, which comprise a "100 Year Vision for Canada". Please take some time to see if you could agree with any of these ideas and concepts for our future country.

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