Canadian Federalist Party
CFP Constitution Articles
1. CFP Body Constituted 8. CFP Constituency Associations 15. CFP Amendments
2. CFP Constitution Scope 9. CFP Candidates 16. CFP Legal Framework
3. CFP Basis of Unity of Spirit 10. CFP Leadership 17. CFP Offices
4. CFP Purpose & Mission 11. CFP Interim Leadership 18. CFP National Policies
5. CFP Party Principles 12. CFP Leadership Elections 19. CFP Notices
6. CFP Accountability 13. CFP National Convention 20. CFP Provincial Parties
7. CFP Composition 14. CFP National Executive Council 21. CFP Dissolution or Merger



19.1 For all matters requiring notice under this Constitution, they may be given in one or more of the following ways with the effective date indicated:

19.1.1 By regular mail, effective five (5) days after the later of the date of the postmark or, with appropriate documentation, the date of the delivery to the post office;

19.1.2 by facsimile or other appropriate telephonic Internet or computer technology, effective on the date of transmission;

19.1.3 by personal delivery, effective on the date of delivery to the recipient;

19.1.4 by bulk mail, effective five (5) days after the date of delivery to the post office; and,

19.1.5 by courier, effective three (3) days after the date of delivery to the courier.

19.2 Notices to CFP, or National Executive Council, or to the Secretary of CFP shall be addressed to the National Office of the CFP and marked to the attention of the appropriate person or body.

19.3 Notices to a member shall be sent to the member's address according to the most recent CFP records.

19.4 Notices to Constituency Associations shall be addressed to the Association's President, Secretary or other Executive Officer designated by the Association, in writing, to National Office.

19.5 Any notice required by this Constitution shall be deemed given if reasonable compliance has been achieved and no material prejudice has resulted.