Canadian Federalist Party
CFP Constitution Articles
1. CFP Body Constituted 8. CFP Constituency Associations 15. CFP Amendments
2. CFP Constitution Scope 9. CFP Candidates 16. CFP Legal Framework
3. CFP Basis of Unity of Spirit 10. CFP Leadership 17. CFP Offices
4. CFP Purpose & Mission 11. CFP Interim Leadership 18. CFP National Policies
5. CFP Party Principles 12. CFP Leadership Elections 19. CFP Notices
6. CFP Accountability 13. CFP National Convention 20. CFP Provincial Parties
7. CFP Composition 14. CFP National Executive Council 21. CFP Dissolution or Merger



18.1 The CFP NATIONAL POLICIES shall be presented in the NATIONAL POLICIES AGENDA, which sets out the long range policy directions of CFP.

18.2 The Chair of the standing Policy Development Committee will distribute to all Constituency Associations prior to each National Convention, all Policy Resolutions to be debated at the National Convention not less than thirty (30) days prior to the National Convention.

18.3 All Policies placed in the Policy Resolutions shall be reviewed prior to each National Convention through the Policy Development Process.

18.4 The Leader and the Caucus are bound by the Principles and Policies as determined by the members of CFP.

18.5 All Policies may be adopted or amended by referenda or at a National Convention. Between National Convention, Interim Policies of CFP shall be determined by the Caucus in consultation with National Executive Council or the Leader in consultation with the Caucus and National Executive Council provided that such Interim Policies shall be consistent with those established in accordance with this Constitution.

18.6 Final approval of Interim Policies shall occur at the next National Convention.