Canadian Federalist Party
CFP Constitution Articles
1. CFP Body Constituted 8. CFP Constituency Associations 15. CFP Amendments
2. Scope Constitution Scope 9. CFP Candidates 16. CFP Legal Framework
3. Basis of CFP Unity of Spirit 10. CFP Leadership 17. CFP Offices
4. CFP Purpose & Mission 11. CFP Interim Leadership 18. CFP National Policies
5. CFP Party Principles 12. CFP Leadership Elections 19. CFP Notices
6. CFP Accountability 13. CFP National Convention 20. CFP Provincial Parties
7. CFP Composition 14. CFP National Executive Council 21. CFP Dissolution or Merger


16.1 The Leader and National Executive shall uphold and enforce the provisions of this Constitution.

16.2 Between National Conventions, the National Executive Council shall be the final authority on the interpretation of this Constitution. In interpreting this Constitution, any conflict between or any ambiguity in its terms shall be resolved by giving preference to the provision or interpretation which best reflects Articles 1 - 5 of this Constitution.

16.3 This Constitution governs the affairs of CFP and, in the event of any conflict between this Constitution and any other CFP or Constituency Association document, this Constitution shall prevail. If there is a conflict between this Constitution and any policy passed by a National Convention or by referenda, this Constitution shall prevail and such policy shall be deemed null and void.

16.4 All matters not specifically covered in this Constitution are within the purview of the National Executive Council, governing in the capacity of the National Executive Council, to act with full authority, subject to subsequent ratification or nullification by the membership.

16.5.1 Notwithstanding clause 16.4 the National Executive Council may establish a CFP Provincial Association Constitution and a Constituency Association Constitution that will have the same force and effect as if they were Schedules to this Constitution under the authority of the National Executive Council.