Canadian Federalist Party
CFP Constitution Articles
1. CFP Body Constituted 8. CFP Constituency Associations 15. CFP Amendments
2. CFP Constitution Scope 9. CFP Candidates 16. CFP Legal Framework
3. CFP Basis of Unity of Spirit 10. CFP Leadership 17. CFP Offices
4. CFP Purpose & Mission 11. CFP Interim Leadership 18. CFP National Policies
5. CFP Party Principles 12. CFP Leadership Elections 19. CFP Notices
6. CFP Accountability 13. CFP National Convention 20. CFP Provincial Parties
7. CFP Composition 14. CFP National Executive Council 21. CFP Dissolution or Mergers


9.1 Each Constituency Association shall have the exclusive right to select their official candidate at a general meeting of the members of the Constituency Association. The Leader may appoint candidates where there is no recognized Constituency Association.

9.2 The National Executive Council, on approval of two-thirds (2/3) of its full membership, has the right to nullify the selection of any candidate where such nullification is, in its absolute discretion, in the best interests of the CFP. Where the National Executive Council proposes to nullify the selection of a candidate, the Secretary shall notify the candidate and the Constituency Association in writing within seven (7) days of the decision, which notification shall contain a statement of the reason for the proposed nullification. The candidate and no more than three (3) authorized representatives of the Constituency Association shall have the right to be heard by National Executive Councilor its representative forthwith, before a final and binding decision on nullification is rendered. Where National Executive Council nullifies the selection of a candidate the Constituency Association shall select a new candidate.

9.3 The Leader shall not withhold, under the provision of the Canada Elections Act, the endorsement of a candidate selected by a Constituency Association except in compliance with this Article.

9.4 The National Executive Council shall oversee the development and implementation of such rules and procedures to ensure fair and effective candidate recruitment, selection, training, and the organization and implementation of effective campaigns.