Canadian Federalist Party


June 2020



In my opinion and my belief...

Since our Constitution of nationhood begins by declaring belief in God, our Canadian Heritage seeks a spiritual relationship with God. During the first 100 days of Covid 19, the majority of Canadians sought out God to protect our families.

Our government's legal and fiscal approach to fighting this highly contagious microscopic bug saved thousands of lives and cleaned our atmosphere. However, as in New Zealand and Barbados, our leaders did not deploy the all-powerful Christian spirits of the two most successful "Gold Medal" virus-fighting countries in the world. The "Island Queens", Jacinda Arden and Mia Mottley both chose prayer and consultation to rally their citizens.

These two Prime Ministers have had considerable success in leading their citizens through their islands' new social protocols. Both ladies called for prayer to summon their spiritual wills to defeat this virus. The power of their prayers brought love throughout their islands and a great outpouring of self-control and service to everyone in need.

Canadians also looked to our leaders from local Councilors up to our PM. But our battle plan was based upon many minds and spirits limited to materialistic secular humanism, immersed in a relativistic theoretical grey divide between TRUTH and Falsehood. Thus, our Canadian spirits were mostly being led by agnostic politicians lacking the benefits of Godly blessings. This battle was fought with a censorship of our Judeo-Christian heritage. Yet the outpourings of our Canadian spiritual heritage filled our streets.

Compared to the love, peace, forgiveness and self-sacrifices nurtured by these godly connected women, Canadians had a steady diet of: fears, threats, warnings, blame, monetized remedies, family fines, marches and lawlessness.

Mass Media Directors deployed politicking throughout our first 100 days. There was an excellent job of informing everyone, but reporters harangued our Prime Minister with disrespectful, rude, repetitive, politicized and ignorant questions, which disgusted the huge Canadian public audience they are supposed to serve. The media appeared to produce TV/ Cell Phone "mass-media-heroes" for 10 seconds, rather than researching new news.

Going forward, it appears Canadians learned three major lessons: 1. Canadians will look to themselves, not their governments, for initiative. 2. Canadians will see CHANGE as good, and not as a destructive force anymore. 3. Rather than poison and pollute, Canadians will seek Environmental Harmonization throughout this century.

May God continue to bless Canada?

Jim Reid








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